Saturday, April 14, 2007

Self Portrait

Heres a couple more drawings while the school year finishes up:
this is me, to the best of my abilities
a 'lone ranger' sketch, still need to fix the fact that only half of the things hes wearing are being affected by the wind

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

finally something works

haven't posted in a while, its crunch time at school so heres all I can sneak in for now. These are final assignments (hopefully) ready for the portfolio:

heres another version of the first 'wizards office.' to be honest I think this is the first time I am pleased with a layout, theres always room for improvement but this little guy worked out pretty well and I don't see any huge mistakes. I like it.
and here is the newest 'wild west.' This seems to be dangerously close to becoming another long series of revisions like the wizard offices. at first the items I added on the side of the hotel seemed to me like the perfect solution to the blank look of the layout, but now looking at it in scanned form, it seems to be blank again, ha ha, oh well.