Monday, July 28, 2008

Pecks and Quads lesson 1

Newest edition to the skeleton theme. Ive realized as I try to understand anatomy, that directly applying it to a drawing really forces me to know exactly how and where it works. Skeleton Captain = learning

....haha, just noticed, i put his right fibula on the wrong side, oops

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Malebolgia's newest recruit

Hahaha! just looking at this makes me laugh. On the right is me trying to draw a friend's character - Yama Doll. On the left is me making him into a demon warrior from hell.


Finally! internets been down for a while so updates took a bit of a break. but now we're back:

So, more of the main character from my novel. Finally came up with something besides 'Bird Man' to call him, and I know similar to a Star Wars reference but maybe thats another reason I like it.

To me its just Hawk with a twist. whichever.

In an attempt to improve my posing, I sketched scenes of the eagle (in blue) from The Rescuers Down Under, then tried putting Hawth in that position. I think it worked for the most part.

Some of the things Ive come to really enjoy drawing are birds - or wings or feathers; hard to say and muscles - or anatomy. So this guy puts em both together nicely.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Big Bad Undead

more skeleton dudes. I like how the big guy looks pretty solid but I think he couldve been bulkier. The skinny guy isnt very anatomically correct but it works here and there