Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tomb Guardian Model Sheet

The final 5-point turnaround

Friday, April 3, 2009

Robo Evolution

Heres more on the robot design, or as you'll see further down: the 'TOMB GUARDIAN!' oooo! ...ominous.

Anyway, Prof thought out of the two robos, this guy was the more original design, so starting from the thumb, heres his journey from puny lead scratches to fully developed super bot (although theres still a touch more on the way)

Step 1: what i thought was mediocre sketch (but still kinda cool) catches the teachers eye. maybe the guy loves robots ALOT or he liked how I made up (on the spot) the idea that he was a futuristic-robotic-elemental fighting machine....or something

2: As much as he liked the idea, prof said the head sucked, so more heads

2.5: when you FAIL! ...try try again. more heads based on 1/11/18

3: Revamped body, still no word on the heads...

4: Improvements done on the limbs sticks, heading more mechanical, and narrowed down to 3 heads. Im hoping for #1

5: almost approved.... hip designs

6: Perspective grid to correct final mistakes.

7: Final char ready for rotation.

8: Anatomy Study, I think we only had to do like one arm....but i figured he looked better this way

9: 3 point turn around...

10: ....and a skeleton youll never see to make him look cool.

and some bonus silhouettes