Saturday, August 21, 2010

A few bits and pieces

Couple of things Ive done at work.
Leaf burst and a sand burst

Old man Merlin.

Couple sketches. The kid was done right after I saw How to Train your Dragon. Really nice film

More SUPER muscles. I remember thinking this was cool and having fun drawing it, then showed it to a friend and he just looked at me and said, 'Dude... thats f***ing weird.'

Monday, May 10, 2010


Alright so, just some stuff to fill the space till I have something to really show...

Couple weeks ago I started my first gig in the animation industry as an effects animator. So far, pretty sweet. Work is done digitally on cintiqs, theres alot of knowledge and experience around along with a very cool dynamic going on. Really lucky to be there.

And this is a short video of the test I did to get the job. The box and bucket were given and I drew the rest. I had ~5 hrs to pull it off and it was the first time I was approaching almost all of those elements so Im happy it turned out like it did.

a later tightened up version

One of the first tattoo designs Ive done. A friend wanted the chinese symbols he already had on his arm framed by a monk who looked to be guarding them. Did it in brush pen, which was kinda tough.

Another up and coming tattoo. Another buddy of mine is into yo-yos. thought this would be cool.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gilland Book Signings

A few weeks ago, Joseph Gilland, author of Elemental Magic, came down to Ottawa and gave a lecture on classical effects animation and the challenges it faces in today's industry.

He has been travelling the world giving this seminar and although he compressed his usual three day talk in just one for us, it was passionate, informative and inspiring all the same.

Many people bought his book and he sat down for over an hour signing and drawing a little sketch in each one. I stood behind his shoulder and video tapped as many of his drawings as my legs would let me. It was tiring but worth it!

Here are a few with good video quality/favorite of mine. Feel free to cut the audio.

rock explosion 1

rock explosion 2


plasma shots

Fire 1

Fire 2

Fire 3


Water 1

Water 2

Water 3

Water 4

Water 5

Water 6

Water 7


Monday, February 15, 2010

Match Maker

My first voyage into effects, this is the standard beginner assignment as recommended to me by Kathleen Quaife (whos torch cycle Ive studied below).

I asked her a little about how she thought one should begin to learn this stuff and she graciously told me the best way was to strike out on my own and try to understand and express myself through analyzing a "simple" little match.

so here goes....



and a couple of my thumbnail studies for good measure.

Monday, January 18, 2010


Another fire cycle that Ive copied in order to study effects animation. This one is straight out of Joseph Gilland's Elemental Magic.

In the spirit of experimentation, Ive tried a different approach on a few frames here and there. My favorite bit was how Gilland has rolled his inner bits of fire off the central ball.

© Joseph Gilland.