Tuesday, February 10, 2009


The newest in computer animation (for me). Not quite CGI, not quite paper, but still pretty dam sweet.

As 2nd years we're being introduced to some of the programs used in the industry. "Toon Boom's Harmony" is what makes a bunch of the TV cartoons and although it can get a bad rap for being stiff, I find it a nice fresh curve on animation.

Heres some of my beginning projects:

ball bounce

Pretty bad I know, but its the first crack at the software

Multi ball bounce

Cannon, tennis and bouncy ball. Hopefully the size difference isnt the only clue.

ball & tail

little exercise in follow through action

expression change1

expression change2

Its Drac, and hes HAPPY to see you!


Very fun. His mouth seems to flap a bit too much for my taste but I guess thats the nature of the dialogue.

More on the way.