Saturday, February 3, 2007

even MORE layouts

"Sculpture's Studio" In this layout I gave in and tried to darken the objects in the foreground with a special pencil like my professors been telling me too. I never thought I needed to but he knows what hes talking about. Ended up turning out ok.

On a side note: I totally messed up on the line weight in this picture so the dark objects may look out of place but its the light stuff that wrong, not the dark stuff.

I also liked how I figured out a way to add a gargoyle into the pic. haha.
Oh boy...soooo bad. Walls are blank, I covered both floor lines, it doesn't look cluttered; just random. Plus it seems like I forgot everything I knew about line weight (things closer are drawn darker and vise versa) when I drew this thing. Granted I had run out of time before this thing was due, but then again, still my fault.

Hopefully the fact that this is a revision of the crap below may salvage some of my dignity.
Like I said above, this is the original ''Wizards office" in 2point perspective that I revised to make the above layout. I would beat myself up about it, but I was still learning about layout in general so whatever. Im only posting it so ppl can see the thought process.

(this is not to be confused with the other "wizards office'' I posted a while ago. That "wizards office" is the revised layout of the 1point perspective version. Note that 1point is went you're looking at a wall, and 2point is looking at a corner)

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