Sunday, October 21, 2007

Bird Man

Here is a more fully formed 'bird man.' Dont know what to call him, but thats the least necessary detail. also forgot about his thigh feathers...
this was hard to figure out, how would a human fold in wings that were attached to their arm?


DJ Zutkovic said...

MAN! I want to keep posting, but I can't find the time. By the end of the month you'll get at least 1 post out of me!! My word. You managed to do it though. Nice developing concept of the Birdman. I like all the little pose sketches. Detailed one looks good too man, has motion in it. Must be tough figureing out the folding though. Keep it up man!!


GridiroN said...



im kidding. He's cool. He probobly gets all the chicks. What girl doesn't wanna fly?

Adrian Brisland said...

YOU'RE a noob!

but ya...i designed birdman to only be able to glide - humans are pretty heavy - so i doubt the chick theory, unless they're like, 2lbs.

Anonymous said...

DUDE that birdman has come a long way. definitely very friggin impressed with your most recent version of him. keep it up