Sunday, June 29, 2008

Kimari Ronso

Dam! Ive been trying to post at least once a week, but last week, I lost it.... Ill have to try for an extra entry instead

Heres the latest, I just finished FFX (i know im really late) and had to draw my favorite character. Its a good game, but sometimes having fun building this guy up was the only thing that got me through. All I have to say is I hope someone slapped tidus' voice actor.

Also, I may try out my colouring skillz, or lack there of, on this guy. little sneak peak.


Anonymous said...

haha, sorry about that bud, but you did say i was in charge of your social life (somewhat)lol. awesome pic, looking forward to the coloured version! next time we chill, we'll be more 'productive'.

Elizabeth said...

cool drawing :) muscle man

Kimahri Ronso said...

te quedo muy bien ^^ felicidades