Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Same friend. same book. more concepts.

This time its a kind of bird-human thing, the main idea being it can fly. Now, in my friends book these creatures have the natural ability to levitate, but i realized, that only means up and down. So....these guys can go up and down, and the wings help them do everything else in between.

this is the first thing the popped into my head when my buddy first told me about these guys. dont know why, but im liking the long necked thing. I imagine them as a fair amount taller then other creatures, a nice towering enemy to diversify the lineup.

'Valkyrie' generally sounds kinda elegant, which normally equals women. the idea behind the elbow feathers is that they swivel back and forth for gliding and then for convenience.

My personal favorite. Its not really a monster until its creepy and vile. Also I think i can say that top left pic is the first time im pleased with a feather/wing drawing Ive done. yay for me.


Anonymous said...

G'DAMN! I'll cut it all short by saying this: we need to talk, and chill, of course.

Richtoon said...

Hey Adrian,

Looks good. I'd recommend that you mess with your levels /brightness contrast in Painter or Photoshop to get a better look at your drawings.

See you next Sketchnight!