Wednesday, August 13, 2008

First Commision

A while ago I got my first paid art project from a friend of mine I work with. A relatively simple thing, he had a painting he needed recreated in pencil with a couple changes made.

I just find it really cool to say I had a 'client'

But here it is, finally finished: 14x18 pencil on bristleboard

...and the original. Marie Alfonse Mucha's 'JOB'


GridiroN said...

wow. She must Pantene Pro-V like a biotch to get her hair that uniform. And you spelt bristol wrong. Pull up your socks man! And watch her volumes. But otherwise, she's hot.I'd hit it.

Mazlow said...

Well done. Now lets see the animations you've been working on all summer :)

Anonymous said...

Are you seriously claiming this as your own piece? That's Marie Alfonse Mucha's painting. Is this a master copy or something that you sold because that is his work exactly as he created it.

Adrian Brisland said...

Just to clarify, because there is obviously some confusion:

the 2nd picture is the original which I did NOT create. It is called 'JOB' and was done by Marie Alfonse Mucha as 'anonymous' mentioned.

The 1st is my alteration as asked by the client. I take no credit or claim to the original creativity behind the piece.