Thursday, September 24, 2009

couple of the latest

end of summer sketch. having a giant pet turtle would be badass

School project; the first time we've studied canines, and the first time Ive rendered muscle and not wanted to shoot myself.

AND heres a collab project with a buddy from class. She just made her own blog, check it:

michelleplourde.blogspot ------------>

She sketched the base pose, then I tried to make him look all TANKed. the clothes were pretty half and half.


Trent Correy said...

Yo buddy...your stuffs looking good man...your anatomy is stellar! I saw some designs on you and pats desk the other night, they look awesome. I hope everything going well with the story and it the same one you told me last year...with the doors and all the different emotions?
Good luck to you man...drop me an email if u ever need a hand with harmony or anything at all.
Looks like a good year for Algonquin!

Clayton said...

I would like a giant turtle, myself.

Excellent art by the way.

AMMAD said...

nice collection